Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's in Your Bag?

So, I am admittedly a serious slacker when it comes to blogging. I have a hard time sitting down and focusing on writing a real post, my mind is typically going in about a million directions at once. And now? It's even worse because I'm in the middle of the holiday craft fair season (aka total chaos). But..I had to do this. Roo over at is having a contest called "What's in Your Bag?" It's awesome. It gives all of us a chance to take a peak inside the purses of other amazing women...come on, you know you want to! :) You can participate in the contest as well, just post the contents of your purse on your own blog and share the link with her or post directly on Roo's contest post.

Go here!

Without further ado, here's mine!
For the record, I have way too much stuff in my purse. But it’s at least sort of organized because of the design of the purse…or at least I attempt to organize it..lol :)

Love the 3 pockets!

Pocket 1-
Wallet, coin purse with tons of store cards and business cards, stray starbucks card, phone, receipt from lunch the other day, random quarter, daughter’s lip gloss, lots of pens, car keys, mints, fortune that I liked, favorite bracelet, and hair tie.

Pocket 2-
Business stuff! Catalog, brochures, samples, mini scent testers, and awesome business card holder with info for all of my ventures.

Pocket 3-
The mom pocket. Diaper, wipes, spare glasses, two sharpies, farmers market coin, kid hair clip, $5 I didn’t know I had (woot!), Sea World passes, check book, neosporin spray, jewelry photo book.